About Our Pole Strength

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Custom designed poles to improve strength

Most companies in this business use cheap, mass produced poles from over seas to build their pool safety barrier fences. These fence poles are built out of aluminum with an X or Y shape that makes up the core. While this sounds like it would reinforce the pole, they still bend or break with little pressure. We have tested these X-Y poles with a pulling scale and have constantly found that they giveaway at around 34 pounds. Also, the pole diameter does not match that of the ground hole, allowing for wobble and instability.

When we started in the industry, we knew that the poles could be stronger and better designed. After some trial and error, we have been able to produce a much stronger and reliable safety fence pole. We use hollow, reinforced aluminum poles that have a diameter of a exactly 1 inch. To further reinforce the poles, we then add an additional aluminum sleeve to the inside of the bottom of each pole so that the thickness of the pole is increased at its pressure, or fulcrum, point. The end result is a much more solid, stronger pole that results in a stronger, more stable pool fence safety barrier.

When our final design was complete, we used the same pull-scale test to determine the break or bend weight of our new design. We found, after testing 100 poles, that our unique design didn't bend or break until over 60+ pounds was applied. This is more than double that of the mass manufactured poles used by most of our competitors.

Creating a stronger pole was just the beginning in our mission to build and install a stronger pool fence. We also: sew all of our mesh border on with an industrial sewing machine using a uv protective sun stop thread, powder coat all our parts to ensure durability under intense Florida conditions, we use self-closing hinges, and build all our gates with magnetic, self-latching key lockable latches called the Magna Latch.

If you have any questions about our materials or how our fence stands up to children, pets, and the elements, feel free to contact us directly.