About Us

Family Oriented, Dedicated To Quality

My Baby Fence Orlando is dedicated to keeping your family and pets safe in and around the pool and other waterways in the Orlando area.

As proud owners of My Baby Fence Orlando, we've seen the devastation caused to families from accidental drownings and we are devoted to doing our part to help protect our community.

My Baby Fence has grown over the years and our corporate headquarters in the Tampa Bay area is where everything is built and manufactured. You can be assured that our products are 100% made in the USA. We will never sacrifice on quality and our staff is highly trained directly by the company owner.

In addition to safety pool fences, we believe the best way to prevent drownings is through education and supervision. Kids need to learn how to swim at the earliest age possible, especially in Florida where water is everywhere. In addition to learning to swim, parents must be committed to providing supervision 100% of the time when kids are in their pool. It only takes a second for a child to slip into a pool.

Pool fences aren't just necessary for kids. Pets can also find themselves in the pool and unable to get out. Our pool fences save lives whether it be your children or your pets. While there is no substitute for supervision, kids will be kids. They will find a way to slip out the back door and you can have peace of mind knowing your pool fence is always working.

Disclaimer - Please keep in mind, a pool fence is necessary and in Florida, it's the law, but parent supervision is always needed.